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Anti-Aging Medicine – Slowing Down the Aging Process

Anti-aging medicine is an excellent way to slow down the process of aging, enabling you to live a prolonged life. Anti aging medicine has evolved greatly and is now capable of providing a healthy and active lifestyle. Search online to find an expert anti aging doctor in your area.

Only a decade ago, many people used to consider anti aging medicine as a work of science fiction. Nowadays, multitudes of insights that have been put forward by expert doctors and researchers have ultimately become facts of science. Scientists are well aware and have knowledge about the vulnerability to disease and the deterioration that people undergo. These are the prime characteristics of the aging process.

A number of new discoveries can be traced back to the to the beginning of anti aging that started a new era to create an exceptional and an innovative health care model, also a scientific field of study as well. Anti aging medicine has developed into a special medical field that has laid foundations for highly application of advanced different types of medical and scientific technologies that help in detection, prevention, treatment process and reversal of various age-related diseases.

Anti aging medicine is now considered as an excellent health care model which promotes science and innovative research to give humans a prolonged healthy lifespan. It is based on the core principles of responsible and sound medical treatment that are consistent with other which are also applied in different preventive health care specialties. It can be defined as:

  • Scientific

The whole process of anti aging diagnoses and treatment are fully based on scientific evidence. Therefore these cannot be simply termed as just merely anecdotal.

  • Evidence-based

Anti aging medicine is done by following a direct and orderly process from which data is obtained to develop an assessment that is objective yet scientific in nature. This way an effective plan for treatment can be assigned.

  • Holistic

An organized framework is used by this branch of medicine for a diagnostic assessment that is generally based on the whole person and the treatment regimen plan.

  • Synergistic

Anti aging medicine treatment process has found that a many a times a multi-faceted approach eventually generates a better rejuvenating effect in comparison to a single therapy.

Anti aging medicine comes up with the early detection and highly aggressive cure of the disease. This is done by focusing on the application of highly advanced biomedical technologies. Prolonging the life of a person is not the only concern of this type of medicinal treatment, but it also ensures that the person lives a rejuvenated life in the most vital and productive fashion.

The speed of advancement in preventive health measures and in health promotion has been increased by anti aging medicine. By practicing a proactive health program which includes all the basic elements of anti aging preventive health care, you can increase the ability to live a long a robust life. In that life, you can spend a lot of quality time with your family, friends and future generations.

Scientist and doctors all over the world agree on one point that the best way to slow down the process of aging is by staying active physically. All the information related to anti aging medicine can be easily obtained by visiting an anti aging doctor. Sydney is the place where you will find expert and experienced doctor. Edgecliff is famous for renowned anti aging doctors.


Common Signs to Differentiate Between Adrenal Fatigue and Normal Stress

Adrenal fatigue occurs with different signs and symptoms in different patients. The difference is the main reason that the majority of people wrongly thinks that they are just experiencing extreme tiredness. They tend to think in such a manner because human beings have a tendency of getting tired.

The truth is that humans get tired due to hard work and continuous labour for hours. The main thing is that people generally manage to cope with the exhaustion. When people do extra work out of their routine they tend to get tired and stressed. People who keep on doing the hard work even after their body has signalled fatigue, then at that point the adrenal fatigue comes into the scene.

Adrenal fatigue can last for a very long time, if not treated properly and with utmost care. If neglected this fatigue, which is a form of stress can cause depression, anxiety and affects the immune system of the body to a great extent. When the immune system becomes weaker there is a high risk that you may catch various infections and diseases.

There are signs which can help you to differentiate between adrenal fatigue and normal fatigue. Some of these signs are as follows:

Constant tiredness: This is the main difference between adrenal fatigue and normal fatigue. Adrenal or severe chronic fatigue may last for weeks in a person and if not treated, then the time duration may even extend to months or even years. The energy level of a body suffering from chronic fatigue drops down significantly. It drops down to a level that you will find it difficult to get out of the bed to do simple tasks.

Decrease in libido: Sex is considered as a stress reliever and people under mild stress use it as a right option to regain freshness. The sex drive becomes too low in people suffering from adrenal or severe chronic fatigue. They lose the passion and energy to perform sex and even start finding it as a burden.

Decrease in the immune system: if you are suffering from normal fatigue, then there is almost no chance that it may affect your immune system. On the other hand, adrenal fatigue causes the immune system to drop extremely. This makes you more prone to common infections and diseases.

Problem in focusing: Experts often say that mild level of stress helps to perform better at home, school or office. But people suffering from adrenal fatigue leads them to severe anxiety and even panic attacks.

Loss in Interest: People with adrenal fatigue usually lose interest in all everything they used to love before. They lost interest in hobbies, relationships, work and many more.

The above mentioned signs and symptoms are only a few of the common signs of this chronic fatigue. You should consider visiting an expert adrenal fatigue doctor the moment you start finding these symptoms in your body. It is recommended to start the treatment as early as possible, before it gets too late. You can search online to find an experienced doctor. Edgecliff  is the place where you will find many renowned adrenal fatigue doctors.

Adrenal Fatigue – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The majority of people are unaware of the condition of adrenal fatigue or exhaustion. So what is adrenal fatigue? Its name describes it well: it occurs when the adrenal glands in the body are over-worked or under-nourished. This results in fatigue and exhaustion. The adrenals are small glands located above the kidney. They secrete hormones which help the body to handle immediate or long-term stress.

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

More than 50 different types of hormones are secreted by the adrenal glands such as progesterone, cortisol, adrenaline, estrogen and DHEA. Many people have heard of these hormones which give us the energy to deal with our hectic lives. When the adrenal glands are overly stressed they cease to work optimally, which results in symptoms such as:

  • chronic fatigue and tiredness
  • chronic anxiety
  • depression
  • decreased metabolism
  • joint pain
  • inability to think clearly
  • poor memory and concentration
  • allergies and food sensitivities
  • low body temperature
  • low blood pressure
  • decreased immune function
  • dark circles under the eyes
  • low blood sugar
  • craving for sweet or salty foods
  • changes in skin colour

These symptoms provide a general idea about the condition although there are other symptoms as well.

Causes of Adrenal Exhaustion  

  • Our modern lifestyle is the main reason for adrenal exhaustion or burnout. The glands suffer when heavily over-used. While the mind maybe full of ideas and always active, the body can at times fail to keep up. Factors that put stress on the adrenal glands include: constant mental, physical or emotional stress
  • physical injury
  •  unhealthy or poor diet
  • high use of caffeine or other similar stimulants
  • too little sleep
  • traffic or noise pollution

For many people many of these factors are quite common in their daily lifestyle & may have a negative effect on their health. Adrenal burnout can even cause early aging with reported cases of women showing signs of menopause as early as their mid-thirties.

Treatment of Adrenal Fatigue    

It is possible to treat this condition and there are three basic categories into which treatment can be divided:

  • Integrative and anti-ageing medicines
  • Nutritional and herbal support
  • Re-energizing practices and lifestyle changes

Doctors suggest that the following time frames may be necessary to achieve full recovery:

  • 6 to 9 months for minor fatigue
  • 12 to 18 months for moderate fatigue
  • 24 months for severe fatigue

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned above it is advisable not to neglect them but to visit a renowned doctor as soon as possible. To find an adrenal fatigue doctor you can search online.

Chelation Therapy: Effective in Prevention of Various Diseases

A human body makes contact with extremely harmful toxins daily. These can not only affect ones health, but can also declines the immunity of a body. There are number of metallic content present in the environment and there is simply no way to change that. A notable thing here is that toxins that are already present in the environment cannot be removed.

If toxins are present in environment, then there is high chance that these would surely enter your body. This would ultimately result in impacting your health negatively. You just simply cannot get rid of toxins as these are in air, water, food, in short are present almost everywhere. Arsenic, cadmium, nickel, mercury and lead are in food, air, water and in your body as well.

  • Is there any solution available?

A therapy known as chelation is done to assist or encourage chemical reactions in the body. In this therapy, synthetic or natural organic chemicals are introduced into the human body.  This results in discharging of extremely harmful metals from the body and it also rearranges the required metals to enhance the vital chemical reactions within a body. It is a highly useful therapy and for more than 75% peripheral circulation problems, it can be taken as preventive measure before any occurrence.

  • Is there any chance of serious health issues?

Nowadays, a number of diseases and health problems are directly connected with excess toxic heavy metals. These have been linked to various degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and ALS.  These toxins are also responsible for causing various types of circulatory problems in a human body such as Athrosclerosis, Atherilsclerosis, hardening of the arteries, blocked arteries, Peripheral Neuropathies, Angina and High blood pressure. Out of these metals, mercury is highly toxic and neurotoxins in nature as it changes and hamper electrical pathways present in a body. This disruption may cause dementia, multiple neurological disorders and death in many cases.

  • Chelation therapy can offer solutions to these problems:

Unlike what majority of people think, this therapy has been in use for a long time and cannot be considered as a new one. Synthetic amino acid which is the main element of EDTA chelation therapy is quite similar to vinegar’s four molecules and was synthesized first by Germany in the year 1935. It was used to detoxify people who were working in lead-based paints or battery manufacturing batteries.

  • Is chelation therapy effective in various diseases and illnesses?

Doctors who conduct chelation therapy have stated that it can be highly beneficial in effecting the circulation of blood in human body. This therapy has quite positive effects on intermittent claudication, impotence, also in various problems related to visibility such as glaucoma or age-related macular degeneration etc. A recent research found that removal of toxic metals by chelation therapy can prevent or treat a number of serious and critical diseases like osteoarthritis, both rheumatoid, gout, Alzheimer’s disease, pancreatitis, multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel, chronic fatigue etc.

If you are looking forward to get a chelation therapy, then Sydney ( is home for some of the most renowned doctors specializing in this therapy.

Adrenal Fatigue: Are You Suffering From It?

You might be suffering from adrenal fatigue if having trouble getting up in the morning, have an extra desire for salts and constant fatigue. This generally happens when adrenal glands stop working properly and effectively. It is recommended to visit a doctor to avoid any chronic disease due to fatigue. By maintaining a balanced diet, it can be easily avoided.

Adrenal Fatigue is a health disorder that you might not have even heard of, but it can affect anyone regardless of their health. In this condition a patient feels decline in endurance, loss of strength, deep or persistent fatigue etc. It can also increase a number of other health conditions like obesity or different allergies. Adrenal fatigue should not be mistaken or compared with adrenal insufficiency which is caused by Addison’s disease. Adrenal insufficiency can result in illness or even death.

Adrenal fatigue is generally caused due to a decline in the proper functioning of the adrenal glands. These glands have an important role to play in management of a body’s stress. This stress can be emotional, psychological and physical. A complex array of hormones is secreted by these glands such as testosterone, estrogen and cortoisol. These hormones are responsible in regulating a wide range of functions in bodies. Adrenal fatigue occurs when these glands become weak and as a result are unable to respond to stress in an effective way.

It is important to cure adrenal fatigue as it cause serious health issues and can also be highly debilitating. The level of activeness declines rapidly in people who suffer from this condition. If suffering from this disease, you would tire more often, training would become difficult and recovery from a strain would take a much longer time than before.

Apart from not feeling well all the time, you may even experience mild muscles and joint pains, an unexplained craving for salt, reduced sex drive and you would be tired all the time, but feel bursts of energy in the evening. There are also many other symptoms of this condition.

There are chances that adrenal fatigue develops due to some type of a persistent or chronic stress. You might hear many expert saying that it occurs because of regular overdose of stimulants that are found in energy drinks, coffee and fat burners. They say that overexposure of these stimulants have resulted in increasing the rate of weakening of the adrenal glands.

There is no specific way of diagnosing adrenal fatigue, instead a number of tests are conducted that can help to give an indication that how efficiently the adrenal glands are working. Some methods to track down the presence of adrenal fatigue are pupil contraction testing, blood pressure and temperature tracking. Apart from eliminating stress from your life and cutting down the intake of the stimulants, its treatment can be done by following a prescribed course of medicines, hormone replacement therapy and a healthy diet.

Processed carbohydrates and refined sugars in diet can have a high negative impact on your body because these cause stress on the adrenal glands. You can prevent or recover from adrenal fatigue by having a proper diet of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and right balance of proteins. To avoid a prolonged hunger it is highly advisable that you eat frequent small meals ranging from five to six per day.

If you looking for adrenal fatigue doctor (, then search online to find some renowned physicians in Sydney, Australia.

Anti-Ageing Program – Restoring Your Health

People are often worried about getting old and declining health. With latest anti-ageing programs, you can live a healthy life with increased energy levels, improved skin tone, wrinkle free skin and an extended life span. Anti ageing programs helps to maintain wellness as people get old. It is important to stay aware about you declining health and get medical help whenever required. Following steps of anti-ageing programs can help you to live a healthy and happy life:


  • Ageing is generally followed by increase in fat storage and decrease in metabolic rate. This usually happens because with growing age, body fails to burn the excess fat present in your body. By increasing your daily physical activities, metabolic rate can be controlled. To improve your metabolism, weekly cardiovascular fitness program can be done. After waking up and before having breakfast, you can do this fitness program. When you are sleeping, the body depletes the level of carbohydrates present in your body.  So after waking up due to empty stomach, the body uses the stored fat to give energy for the exercise.


  • It is quite important to keep your heart strong because with ageing the ability of the heart to pump blood reduces. This happens due to build up in the arteries. The circulatory capability and functionality of your heart can be improved by proper workouts. But it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor and hire a personal trainer before starting the fitness program. For any anti-ageing program, exercise is considered important to keep the heart strong.


  • Research has shown with the ageing there is a decline in the memory capacity, if there is no involvement of brain in mental functions. Poor memory function and even memory loss can be caused due to constant mental inactivity. You have do mental exercise by participating in social activities, playing games, writing, reading, problem solving etc. Mental exercise results in improvement of cognitive function and eliminates depression and boredom as well.


  • Ageing results in reducing the lungs elasticity which decreases breathing capacity or oxygen uptake. By doing exercises or workouts this problem can be dealt with as it increases the breathing capacity of your lungs.


  • A loss is muscles mass is reported with ageing, this happens due to slower rate of metabolism. Therefore it is advisable to increase your muscle mass or lean tissue. Loss of muscles is one of the major signs of ageing. With help of anti-ageing programs you can burn fat, increase muscle mass and metabolism at the same time. These goals can be achieved by visiting anti ageing doctor. Sydney is a home for some of most renowned anti-ageing doctors across Australia.


  • With ageing multiple physical and psychological changes are noticed. Sex drive often decreases as people grow old, though as a youth they may have unlimited enthusiasm and energy for sexual activities. Ageing results in loss of ability and desire for sexual practice, this problem can be solved by having a proper anti-ageing program that can help to maintain sex function.


You would find anti-ageing programs to be highly multidisciplinary. Search online to find anti ageing doctor, based in Sydney(, Australia.

Symptoms and Affects of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease infection is transmitted by tick and is caused by three or more types of Borrelia bacteria like Borrelia burgdorferi, B. Garinii, B. Afzelii etc. A patient suffering from Lyme disease ha symptoms such as joints aches, headaches, fever, rashes and tiredness. It is not easy to diagnose this disease and sometimes an expensive Western Blot test is conducted to determine the presence of the disease. A number of people suffer from Lyme disease in Australia, though its patients are found around the globe.

The Lyme bacteria are similar to the one that is responsible for syphilis. These move inside the body through bloodstream and body tissue. Dodges the immune system of a body and develops a protective shell (a fibrin) after changing its shape from spiral to ball. Medically this disease has three phases which are:

  • Early disease with skin inflammation,
  • Early disease involving nervous system and heart,
  • Later disease results in brain inflammation, arthritis and nerve damage.

Within days of the tick bite or in early phases, the skin develops a rash in shape of a ‘bull’s-eye’ around the affected area. The outer ring and centre spot are bright red in colour. Following are the details about Lyme disease symptoms and affects:

  • Arthritis: Within a few weeks after getting infected, swollen and painful joints are reported by patients who are not given any antibiotics. They have severe recurrent attacks which can last from days to months. More than one joint is affected and knee is the most common joint that is highly affected.  Arthritis usually switches from joint to joint causing much pain for the patient. A medical research reported that about 20% of people, who are not treated for Lyme disease, ultimately develop arthritis. If left untreated, after a period of time arthritis can damage joints severely, also affects body parts like skin or eyes.

  • Erythema migrans: It is a rash that develops on the bitten area within a month. From a small red spot, it expands in size forming various types of shapes especially circular. Rashes appear after three days of a tick bite and as the infection spreads, these increase in number appearing on various body parts. These rashes are neither itchy nor painful, but are warm to the touch. People suffering from Erythema migrans have also reported symptoms like fatigue, stiff neck, headache, body aches and fever. Even if left untreated, the rashes disappear after 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Neurological symptoms: Nervous system is highly affected by Lyme disease, resulting in severe headache, stiff neck, Bell’s palsy (temporary paralysis of facial muscles), weakness or pain in limbs, numbness etc. Change in sleeping habits and mood, lack of concentration, temporary memory loss are other symptoms are also linked to Lyme disease. Problems related to nervous system mostly develop after few weeks or month. These problems can be cured with help of proper dosage of antibiotics.

  • Heart problems: This is another area affected by Lyme disease, though the numbers of patients are quite less. It slows down the heartbeat that causes shortness of breath or dizziness. You can search for doctors who can cure Lyme disease in Australia. Severity of this disease is usually different from person to person.

What are the symptoms of Lyme disease?

Lyme diseaseis an illness caused by bacteria called Borellia that is transmitted to humans by tick bites. It is a common illness in Europe and the United States.

It is named after the town of Lyme, in Connecticut, USA, where the illness was first recognised.

It has now been shown conclusively that it is possible to pick up Lyme disease in Australia.

Lyme disease can affect multiple body systems and produce a range of symptoms. Not all patients with Lyme disease will have all symptoms, and many of the symptoms are not specific to Lyme disease, but can occur with other diseases as well. The incubation period from infection to the onset of symptoms is usually one to two weeks, but can be much shorter (days) or much longer (months to years).

What are the symptoms of Lyme disease?

  • An expanding circular rash called erythema (may look like a red bulls-eye at the site of the tick bite)
  • Sore throats, clearing throat a lot, phlegm, hoarseness, runny nose
  • Pain in eyes, or swelling around eyes
  • Pain in ears, oversensitivity to sounds
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Bone pain, joint pain or swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Stiffness of joints, back, neck, tennis elbow
  • Chest pain or rib soreness
  • Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, weakness, peripheral neuropathy or partial paralysis
  • Too much sleep or insomnia
  • Memory loss (short or long term)
  • Difficulty with concentration or reading
  • Speech difficulty (slurred or slow)
  • Unexplained breast pain, discharge
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Continual infections (sinus, kidney, eye, etc.)
  • Allergies/Chemical sensitivities

The main treatment for Lyme is antibiotics. These are usually given orally, but sometimes intravenous antibiotics are used.

The duration of antibiotic of treatment varies according to the individual case.  Someone with recent onset of Lyme disease, within a few weeks of the tick bite, will probably need antibiotics for 6-8 weeks.  On the other hand, a patient who has been suffering from this disease for 10 or 20 years, and has had no prior treatment, may require antibiotics for 2 or 3 years.

Herbal medicines can also play a useful role in the treatment of Lyme, and can enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics.

Most Lyme disease doctor considers however that it cannot be cured by herbal medicines alone, and that antibiotic must always be used.

A variety of nutritional supplements are also routinely recommended for patients.

There is strong evidence that Lyme can be passed on from mother to child in utero, and also by sexual contact.

Many patients with this disease also have what is commonly known as “co-infections”.  These are other infections such as which can be transmitted by the tick bite, such as Babesia, Bartonella, Ricksettia and Ehrlichia, and which also require antibiotic treatment.

What are the Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue?

The adrenals are small glands that sit on top of each kidney. They are responsible for producing many hormones. One of the most important adrenal hormones is cortisol.

Adrenal fatigue” is a controversial condition. Doctors are taught in medical school that the adrenals are either fully functioning, or not functioning at all, which is a disorder known as Addison’s disease.

An increasing number of doctors are however forming the opinion that there is an intermediate zone of adrenal function where the adrenals are producing cortisol, but not in sufficient quantities for optimum health. This has been called “adrenal fatigue” or “adrenal exhaustion”. It is thought that this state can arise if a person is subject to high levels of stress over a long period.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue may include lethargy, fatigue, reduced immunity, and reduced ability to cope with stress.

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue:

  • Tendency to gain weight and unable to lose it, especially around the waist.
  • High frequency of getting the flu and other respiratory diseases and these symptoms tend to last longer than usual.
  • Tendency to tremble when under pressure.
  • Lightheaded when rising from a horizontal position.
  • Unable to remember things.
  • Lack of energy
  • Feel better suddenly for a brief period after a meal.
  • Often feel tired, but resist going to bed.
  • Cravings for salty, fatty, and high protein food such as meat and cheese.
  • Increased symptoms of PMS for women; periods are heavy and then stop, or are almost stopped on the 4th day, only to start flow again on the 5th or 6th day.
  • Pain in the upper back or neck with no apparent reason.
  • Feels better when stress is relieved, such as on a vacation.
  • Difficulties in getting up in the morning.
  • Lightheaded.

Other symptoms include:

  • Mild depression
  • Food and or inhalant allergies
  • Lethargy and lack of energy
  • Increased effort to perform daily tasks
  • Decreased ability to handle stress
  • Dry and thin skin
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Low body temperature
  • Nervousness
  • Palpitation
  • Unexplained hair loss
  • Alternating constipation and diarrhea
  • Dyspepsia

How Vitamin C helps in Chronic Fatigue

Vitamin C is a powerful oxidant (free radical scavenger). Intravenous (IV) vitamin C is given by a drip into a vein in the arm. It is possible to give much higher doses of Vitamin C intravenously than it is by mouth, thus achieving very high levels in the bloodstream.

IV Vitamin C is an extremely safe form of treatment and very rarely has any side-effects. It is much safer than most drugs made by pharmaceutical companies.

When giving intravenously, IV vitamin C is often combined with other important nutrients such as magnesium, B vitamins, glutathione and lipoic acid.

Although considered by the medical community to be an unconventional treatment, IV vitamin C has been given in high doses to many thousands of people in many countries over the last forty years. Clinical experience has shown that IV vitamin C can be useful in the following situations

    • the treatment of chronic fatigue
    • the treatment of viral infections such as influenza, the common cold, glandular fever and shingles
    • the treatment of bacterial infections such as cellulitis (a common skin infection)
    • the treatment of burns and stings
    • for people who are feeling “run-down” because they are working long hours or doing a lot of travelling, and who would like an “energy boost”
    • to boost the immune system in people who are suffering from frequent infections, particularly viral upper respiratory infections
    • cancer

When used to treat influenza or a cold, IV vitamin C is most effective if given in the first twenty-four hours, as soon as symptoms first appear.

Some doctors claim that high doses of vitamin C cause kidney stones, but this has been shown to be untrue. IV vitamin C does not cause kidney stones. High doses of vitamin C should not, however, be given to people with poor kidney function.

IV vitamin is not a cure for cancer, but there is increasing evidence that IV vitamin C can play a useful role in the treatment of cancer. In the laboratory, high doses of vitamin C have been shown to kill cancer cells, but not normal healthy cells. In the high doses used in cancer patients, vitamin C is probably acting as an oxidant rather than an anti-oxidant.

Dr Dobie never advises patients to not have conventional cancer treatment, but IV vitamin C can play a role in cancer treatment in the following ways:

1. IV vitamin C can in some cases enhance the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

2. IV vitamin C can reduce the severity of some cancer symptoms and the unpleasant side-effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

3. Cancer patients having IV vitamin C often report an increased quality of life.

4. IV vitamin C can be used, along with a focus on diet and meditation, in those people who have chosen to not have conventional cancer treatment.

There have been reports of some cancer patients making a full recovery after treatment with IV vitamin C, but these may have been cases of spontaneous remission, so it is not possible to say with certainty that the recovery was due to the vitamin C.