4 Natural Ways To Fight Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

by Laurel Scott

People who are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome know that how it feels on some days, and even brushing your teeth can become a marathon. The best treatment for chronic fatigue is to take medicines and follow the instructions prescribed by the doctor. However, after consulting your doctor, you can follow some natural ways to get treatment for chronic fatigue.

Here are some natural ways that are quite effective in treatment for chronic fatigue. Have a look.

  • A Good Exercise Therapy

Many researches done by expert scientist have found that graded exercise therapy helps to eliminate the problem of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) significantly. In graded exercise therapy, a person begins exercising quite slowly with stretching and a few guided movements only. After some time, the person has to increase the duration and intensity of the exercise. A study revealed that people who’re undergoing graded exercise therapy reported better recovery compared to other people who only got usual treatment.

  • Get Proper Sleep

People who are suffering from CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) quite often also suffer from broken or disordered sleep, and some patients may even have to deal with insomnia. If you want to replenish the body’s energy and heal its muscles, then increase your sleep time and quality. This has been proved by many studies performed by expert physicians. In people who are suffering from CFS, good amount of sleep can provide strength to the muscles, improved energy and reduced tiredness. Set your goal to sleep at least for 8 hours every night, and if you are facing problems in sleeping then contact your doctor to get prescribed medications.

  • Ribose

Ribose is a highly essential sugar used by our body to boost the production of energy. It is not common sugar at all, so don’t make attempts to eat more sweet dishes! Within our cells, an important role is played by Ribose in the energy-creation process. You can consume it as a supplement and it is easily available listed as D-ribose. Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, especially pain, mental stress and sleep problems are significantly reduced by D-ribose. Consult your doctor before consuming Ribose as a treatment for chronic fatigue.

  • Get More Vitamin D

 In up to 50% of the overall population, deficiency of Vitamin D has been found. The studies are still going on to find a link between CFS and Vitamin D, however, we know for sure that after adequate vitamin D supplementation, you will get pain relief if you’re suffering from chronic fatigue. It is recommended that you should consult your doctor before consuming Vitamin D as a treatment for CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome).

It can be quite frustrating and challenging to live with chronic fatigue syndrome. Visit an expert doctor to get treatment for chronic fatigue today!