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Month: February, 2016

How Chelation Therapy Prevents Multiple Diseases

We come in contact with extremely dangerous toxins almost every day. Our health is hugely affected by them and these also reduce our body’s immunity. Environment has a large number of metallic content and we could do very less to change anything. We need to understand that it’s almost impossible to completely remove the toxins present in the environment.

It is quite obvious that if toxins are present in the environment then they surely enter into our body. Our health will be impacted negatively as a result of this process. Toxins are present in air, water, food, etc which makes it quite difficult for us to stay safe from them. Some of these toxic metals are lead, nickel, mercury and arsenic which enter our body through air, water and food.

  • What’s The Solution For This Problem?

Chelation therapy is a renowned treatment which is performed to help or encourage chemical reactions in human body. In Chelation, natural or synthetic organic chemicals are given to the patient.  This begins the removal of highly dangerous and harmful metals from the body while rearranging the metals which needed in our body to increase the essential chemical reactions. For more than 70% peripheral circulation problems, Chelation therapy can be considered as preventive measure before the inception of the problem.

  • Do These Metals Cause Major Health Problems?

Studies have clearly shown that toxic metals are directly linked with many diseases and health problems in our body. These are connected to different degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and ALS. They also cause different types of circulatory problems like atherosclerosis, arteries become hard, arteries get blocked, Angina,  Peripheral Neuropathies and high blood pressure.

Mercury is one of the most toxic metals it alter and damages electrical pathways present in a body. This type of extreme damaging condition can result in causing various diseases like dementia and numerous neurological disorders. If proper medical assistance is not provided to the patient in time then it could lead to death.

  • How Chelation Therapy Provides Help?

Chelation therapy offers solutions for majority of these health issues. No matter what people think, chelation therapy is highly effective and has been used by doctors all over the world for a long time now. EDTA used in chelation therapy utilises synthetic amino acid and it is considered as similar to four molecules of vinegar. It was widely used for treating people who get affected because of lead or mercury.

  • How Effective Is Chelation Therapy?

First, you need to find a good chelation therapy doctor who is expert in this type of treatment. Chelation therapy is highly beneficial in improving the blood circulation and removes toxic metals from the body.


How Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Affects Your Body

For over a past few years, we have been witnessing a rise in cases of chronic fatigue syndrome. A person needs to meet specific criteria for getting diagnosed for chronic fatigue syndrome.  Doctors follow a particular set of rules and guidelines while diagnosing because it’s quite difficult to diagnose chronic fatigue in some patients.


For chronic fatigue syndrome treatment you need to visit an expert doctor who knows how to determine if a patient is suffering from chronic fatigue or not.


  • Understanding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


It is quite difficult to define Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, especially to people who have less knowledge in medical field. The syndrome is quite unexplainable and patients suffer from fatigue, lethargy, tiredness, sleeping problems, swollen lymph nodes, fever and many other problems. The cause for this illness is not known exactly yet. It can also affect a person without over-exertion and it doesn’t go away with rest.


  • Symptoms Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


I have already mentioned some of the common symptoms of this illness, but there’s a long list of other symptoms as well. You can easily identify yourself some of the most common symptoms. However, you need to visit an expert doctor who can identify the other symptoms.


A doctor will diagnose for chronic fatigue syndrome, if for no apparent reason or situation the symptoms keep reoccurring for a time period, also if no treatment seems to be working effectively for your illnesses.


Here is a list of a few symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:


  • Constant or reoccurring Fatigue
  • Pain and Aches in muscles
  • Lymph nodes will become swollen
  • Cases of acute depression have been reported
  • Reoccurring Headaches and in some cases even migraine
  • Always feeling tired, even without doing any physical work
  • Have problems to concentrate on work and chores
  • Joints pain
  • Persistent weakness
  • In some cases loss of memory is also reported.


Doctors have failed to find the exact reason behind the occurrence of chronic fatigue. However, it might occur when a person is under extreme stress or he/she has been sick with other illness for a while. It seems that chronic fatigue attacks a person when his/her body is weak due to other illnesses or reasons. Doctors say that this syndrome usually occurs after suffering from flu, common cold, hepatitis or bronchitis.


The syndrome usually lasts for months and this is quite a bad news for people suffering from chronic fatigue. In some cases, the syndrome keeps on affecting people constantly while in other cases it can reoccur from time to time. Chronic fatigue wouldn’t fade away on its own and keeps damaging the health of the patient. You should visit the best doctor to get proper chronic fatigue syndrome treatment.

How Beneficial Vitamin C Is For Our Body?

Scientific name of Vitamin C is ascorbic acid. It is water soluble and exits the body if present in excess quantity. Vitamin C is quite essential to maintain our physical and mental health.

Here are some of the best known benefits provided by Vitamin C to human body.

  • It Neutralises Free Radicals

Our body keeps fighting free radicals as these are not good for us. These can damage the immune system, mutate the cells, increase the process of ageing and cause diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer and others. Poor digestive system, toxins, diseases and pollutants are the major reason behind the occurrence of free radicals.

Vitamin C is considered by experts as one of the strongest biological antioxidants and body can fight against free radicals with help of antioxidants. Other antioxidant such as Vitamin E which is already there in human body is also regenerated by Vitamin C. So, apart from removing harmful free radicals, it also helps other antioxidants to fight against them.

  • Provides Strength To Our Immune System

Three essential elements present in our immune system are IgA, IgM, and C3 (Ig means immunoglobulin). Immunoglobulin plays an important role inside our body by protecting it from viruses and harmful bacteria. Vitamin C increases the concentration of these elements in the blood stream, also increases the effectiveness of the immunoglobulin.

  • Plays A Significant Role In Killing Viruses

Vitamin C is one of the safest and highly effective treatments available currently to cure a variety of viral infections. Apart from providing excellent treatment, it also prevents viral infections. There are two types of Vitamin C treatment used by doctors, one is consuming medicines orally and the other is Intravenous Vitamin C.

Expert physicians recommend that patients should consume the needed Vitamin C doses, whenever they started feeling ill or think that a disease is at its initial stage. A large number of doses can be consumed throughout the day because a human body can’t store for long. You don’t have worry about over consumption because excess amount is automatically flushed out from our body. The length and severity of viral diseases are cut down by Proper Vitamin C intake.

Some Other Benefits of Vitamins C are:

  • Produces interferon (a natural antiviral compound)
  • Destroys viruses, harmful bacteria, toxic substances and tumour cells.
  • Breaks down histamines and prostaglandins which cause inflammation
  • Prevents and cure arthritis
  • Maintains blood pressure
  • Protects against negative reactions of vaccine
  • Generates vaccine-stimulated antibodies
  • Recycles cholesterol which is needed for transport of nutrients.

There’s no doubt that Vitamin C has a lot to offer, but we can’t consume large amount orally. However, with Intravenous Vitamin C technique, we can get the required amount easily in our body.

Samantha Stosur Lyme Disease Story – How She Survived Lyme Disease

The famous Australian tennis player Samantha Stosur is a survivor of Lyme disease. Read her story to know how she fought with this chronic disease.

In July 2007, Samantha Stosur started getting symptoms of Lyme disease. She was participating in Wimbledon and noticed a lump on the side of her neck. She immediately went for some medical test, which failed to find out the exact reason behind the lump and doctors weren’t sure about the problem.

After a few days, Samantha Stosur started developing more signs of the disease. These symptoms were headaches, rash all over her body, inflamed glands, extreme tiredness, body aches, puffiness on her face and neck, swollen hands and feet. Every single day, Samantha Stosur visited new doctors who failed to find out the exact reason behind her illness.

She visited nearly 4 doctors while her stay at Wimbledon. She got a few blood tests which failed to show anything too definitive. Some doctor suggested that it might be rubella. She returned home after these tests.

Samantha Stosur took a break from all types of tennis activities for a few months and started feeling a little better. Her physical puffiness made it looked like as if she has gained weight, though her weight was still the same. She was determined to tennis again, so she started practicing, and later went To USA to play in a tournament as a preparation for the US Open tournament.

She wasn’t prepared enough and performed badly, losing in the first round of the US Open. Affected by Lyme disease, (which was still not diagnosed) she became completely exhausted after playing only the first four games of her first-round match. She got really upset with the developments and stayed within her apartment for most of the time.

After suffering for weeks, visiting numerous doctors and undergoing loads of tests, finally a Lyme disease specialist diagnosed her with Lyme disease. Samantha Stosur had no idea about this disease and had never heard about it before. The doctor helped her to understand what the disease is all about. The doctor explained that Lyme disease is hard to diagnose as we need proper tests results and base it on symptoms to ensure that the patient is suffering from Lyme disease.

Samantha Stosur then went on a 2 weeks of oral antibiotics which were followed by 4 weeks treatment of intravenous antibiotics twice a day for 4 days every week. Later, a treatment for another 2 weeks of oral antibiotics was given to her.

While the treatment was going on, she was told to not do any exercise and opted out of all the remaining tournaments for the year. She realised that Lyme disease is a dangerous illness and followed every single step told by the Lyme disease specialist to recover soon.

Samantha Stosur regained full health and hasn’t felt any symptoms since then. She has been playing tennis for Australia again.

Negative Effects Of Lyme Disease On Your Body

Lyme disease is transmitted through a tick bite and at least three or more types of Borrelia bacteria are the main reason behind this health problem, these bacteria are B. Afzelii, B. Garinii, Borrelia burgdorferi etc.

A person who is affected by Lyme disease develops various types of symptoms like fever, rashes (bull’s eye shape), headaches, joints pain and fatigue. Diagnosing this disease is quite difficult and a wide range of medical tests are conducted by the Lyme disease specialist to determine the actual presence of the illness.

Thousands of people suffer from Lyme disease in Australia, and you will find millions of people suffering from this disease, many of those don’t even realise that they’re suffering from this chronic disease. The Lyme bacteria are quite similar to the one behind syphilis. Bloodstream and body tissue are used by these bacteria to move the body of the patient. It changes its shape from spiral to ball and develops fibrin (a protective shell). By doing this, it successfully stays away from the clutches of a body’s immune system.

Lyme disease can be divided into three different phases:

  • Skin inflammation and body rashes in early stages
  • Heart and nervous system gets affected in middle stages
  • Arthritis, brain inflammation and nerve damage might occur in the later stages of this chronic disease.

Here are some of the negative effects of Lyme disease on our body.

  • Arthritis

Painful and swollen joints are developed in patients who don’t receive proper medication after getting infected. Severe recurrent attacks have to be faced by patients and these effects can last of many days. Usually, knee is most affected joint and pain switches from joint too joint. Near about 20% patients of Lyme disease develop arthritis. Joints can be damaged beyond repair if proper medical care is not taken.

  • Bull’s Eye Rash

Within a week (in some cases a month) a rash in the shape of Bull’s eye will appear, usually around the area where tick bite occurred. It might begin from a small red spot and then becoming quite large in shape. The shape of the rash is generally circular and these rashes are not itchy or painful. Even if the patient doesn’t receive treatment for Lyme disease, the rash disappears after a month.

  • Heart Problems

In some patients, Lyme disease might slow down the heartbeat causing breathing problems & dizziness. Generally not every patient of Lyme disease suffers from heart problems. The symptoms of this disease vary from patient to patient. Visit a Lyme disease specialist to know more about this illness.

  • Neurological Issues

Lyme disease severely affects nervous system of a human body. It causes a variety of issues in human body such as numbness, pain and weakness in limbs, stiff neck, severe headache and Bell’s palsy (temporary paralysis of facial muscles).

Final Thoughts: Cases of Lyme disease in Australia have seen a recent surge. You should visit a Lyme disease specialist before it affects your body negatively.