Natural Treatment For Chronic Fatigue

by Laurel Scott

It has been estimated that thousands of Australians are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Chronic fatigue syndrome is an illness which results in high fatigue even without any physical and mental exertion. A person might not be suffering from any other disease, yet he/she experiences extreme level of fatigue then there’s a high chance that he/she might be suffering from CFS and should immediately sought for treatment for chronic fatigue.

If a person is suffering from CFS then even simple tasks like bathing, brushing or travelling can become monstrously difficult to perform. To get treatment for chronic fatigue, you must visit a specialist doctor in Sydney, Australia. However, you can fight this disease by making some alterations in your daily routine.

Here are 4 ways which can help you to combat chronic fatigue syndrome naturally.

  • Categorised Workout Therapy

Scientific tests have frequently revealed that categorised & graded workout therapy assists people suffering with CFS. This sort of therapy permits you to commence exercise properly step by step with stretching and guided moves. With time you should be able to boost the power and duration of the workout routine.

A study was done recently, in which two groups of people suffering with CFS were made. One group was asked to perform guided exercises and consume prescribed medicines, while the other group was asked only to consume prescribed medicines. The results of this study clearly stated that the group which was doing exercise and consuming medicines was able to fight with CFS in a lot better way compared to the group which was only allowed to consume medicines.

  • Get Proper Sleep

Individuals suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome have frequently reported disordered sleep and may even experience insomnia. A recent study stated that proper sleeping hours helps to refresh the body’s energy and recharge muscles. Suitable rest & sleep decreases the level of tiredness and increases energy, muscle toughness in those who suffer from it. You should try to sleep at least 8 hours every night to recharge the energy levels of your body.

  • Consume Ribose

Ribose is not the common sugar you have in your house, in fact it’s quite an important sugar needed for production of energy in our body. Ribose plays a vital part in energy production procedure inside the cells. Also known as D-Ribose, it is consumed as a dietary supplement, though some doctors give it intravenously also. Ribose helps in minimising the problems such as sleep disorders, pain, mental stress, etc. It’s highly recommended for people who’re suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

  • Go For Vitamin D

More than 50% of Australian suffers from deficiency of Vitamin D. Many healthcare experts have stated that an important role is played by Vitamin D in treatment for chronic fatigue. Ensure you consume the right amount of Vitamin D everyday to combat chronic fatigue syndrome effectively.