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Month: December, 2015

5 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Suffering From Lyme Disease

You’ll be a bit surprised to know that among thousands of people who suffer from Lyme disease there are some well known faces as well. Here are some the most easily recognised celebrities who suffered from Lyme disease. Be prepared to get shocked because doctors simply failed in their first attempts to diagnose and provide Lyme disease treatment to these stars.

  • Samantha Stosur

There’s hard to find an Aussie who doesn’t know Samantha Stosur (Yes, the tennis player!). She has won U.S. Open in singles, French and U.S. Open in doubles, Wimbledon and Australian Open in mixed doubles. Lyme disease forced Stosur to withdraw from all types of competitive tennis championships in 2007. Initially, doctors failed to diagnose her properly and it was later revealed that she’s suffering from Lyme disease. Eventually, proper Lyme disease treatment was provided to Stosur.

  • Yolanda Foster

Television personality, model, and interior designer Yolanda Foster has suffered from chronic Lyme disease since 2012. To make the matter worse, she revealed in January 2015 that due to chronic Lyme disease, she has simply lost the ability to read, write, or even watch TV. She further revealed that she’s unable to process information or any stimulation. She’s now getting Lyme disease treatment in Germany. (For those who don’t know her, she’s mother of Gigi Hadid).

  • Avril Lavigne

Yes! We know it’s hard to believe, but in 2015 Avril Lavigne revealed that she has been diagnosed for Lyme disease. She has been a phenomenal singer all her life and had been the youngest female singer who reached number #1 in the UK.

Even Avril Lavigne had to face the problem of bad diagnosis. She changed doctors frequently as none were able to diagnose her properly and provide treatment for her constantly deteriorating health condition. Then, she visited a Lyme disease specialist who told her that she’s suffering from Lyme disease. It was recently reported that she’s undergoing Lyme disease treatment and recovering positively.

  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler

It won’t be hard for the fans of HBO series ‘The Sopranos’ to recognise Jamie-Lynn Sigler (played the role of Meadow Soprano). Wasn’t expecting her on this list? You’ll be shocked to know that in year 2000 while filming in New Jersey, she got paralysed from the waist down for a few days because of Lyme disease. She recovered after getting proper Lyme disease treatment.

  • Kathleen Hanna

We had to write about her because she has fought with chronic Lyme disease for years. In an interview, Kathleen Hanna said that for 6 years she was suffering with Lyme disease before it was diagnosed. In 2014, her health got bad and she had to cancel her events to get proper Lyme disease treatment.


8 Major Causes behind Occurrence of Adrenal Fatigue

Multiple factors are responsible behind the occurrence of adrenal fatigue in a human body. Stress and anxiety, physical or mental trauma are some of the most common causes of adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue affects the working ability of people extremely. Visit an expert doctor who can cure adrenal fatigue effectively.

The adrenal glands are small sized organs that are located right above the kidney in a human body and they are an integral part in the endocrine system. They are often called as the adrenal glands and are responsible for the production of around fifty hormones that run nearly every function in the body, majority of which happen to be important for life.

Hormones have an effect on almost every single organ, tissue and function in the human body whether directly or indirectly. They respond to one another and reply to ailments in the human body within a complex and extremely sensitive balancing act. The adrenal glands operate closely together with the pituitary gland plus the hypothalamus in a process called as the HPA axis (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis).

Adrenal glands participate in a larger purpose which is fighting against the problem of stress and anxiety. Whenever the brain of a person figures out a potential danger no matter if it’s psychological, emotional or physical then the adrenal medulla unleashes adrenaline hormones to assist the body to deal with the danger (the combat or runaway response), dashing blood to the heart, brain and muscles. Corticosteroids are then released by the adrenal cortex which diminishes the system such as digestion, response of immune system and other similar functions which are not required to ensure immediate survival.

  • What Are Factors Behind Occurrence Of Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is a type of illness in which human body and adrenal glands simply fail to keep up and match with the high amount of stress, pressure and anxiety it has to deal with. From time to time adrenal fatigue is misunderstood as an auto-immune dysfunction, and this happens because adrenal fatigue has signs and symptoms similar to many other diseases.

Doctors and medical practitioners have stated that an attack of extreme stress or chronic, prolonged stress can affect the working ability of the adrenal glands, making them ineffective and overloaded. Here are some of the causes of adrenal fatigue pointed out by majority of doctors and medical practitioners:

  • Long exposure to toxins and pollution which are present in the environment
  • Sleeping disorder (lack of sleep, insomnia)
  • Recent emotional trauma caused by various reasons and continuously thinking negative about different issues
  • Extreme cases of stress and anxiety due to personal reasons like death of a family member, divorce and even surgery
  • Very poor eating habits and bad food plan
  • Lack of exercise or minimum physical activity throughout the day
  • Prolonged stress and anxiety as a result of monetary problems,  bad relationships or office setting, and various situations that trigger feelings of helplessness
  • Some doctors have even stated that Addison’s disease can also be one of the prime reasons behind adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue treatment is not difficult if you visit the best doctor in Sydney. There is an illness known as chronic fatigue syndrome which has similar effects like adrenal fatigue. Visit a renowned doctor who is expert in treatment of both adrenal fatigue as well as chronic fatigue syndrome.

Chelation Therapy – How It Works

Chelation therapy is a technique which includes and carries on having a large number of believers and doubters. Scientific world has divided into two parts on the issue of whether chelation therapy is a legit procedure for ailments for instance heart problems and arteriosclerosis. One of the most important point on which majority of scientist agree and come to common terms about chelation therapy is that EDTA, an artificial amino acid, is highly effective at getting rid of poisonous heavy metals from the body.

Some years back this type of chemical EDTA was employed to eliminate elements like aluminium and lead from patients’ bloodstream. Some decades ago, people who were working in the factories which manufactured batteries start falling ill due to lead poisoning. The expert doctors discovered that when they injected EDTA into the human body then the EDTA will get mixed in the blood stream and grab all of the poisonous metals from the body organs. After these toxic metals are collected they’re removed from the body through urine.

This is now considered as the beginning of chelation therapy. After achieving this success the scientists and doctor closely examined the patients who have undergone chelation therapy for the removal of toxic materials from the body. After this close examination, some doctors found that patients started showing improvements and pain decreased which occurred due to their blocked arteries.

The scientist then concluded that the chelation therapy is the reason behind this development and that chelation therapy can prove extremely helpful in fight against various types of heart illnesses. However, some of the scientist contradicted and have doubts about this therapy.

The doctors who supported chelation therapy considered that EDTA was catching on the calcium that caused the blocked arteries by making the plaque to weaken and crack up. The lack of the plaque would allow the arteries recover and the heart problems would simply fade away. Experts who do not support chelation therapy stated that the EDTA was not removing calcium, but actually the free radicals. After the free radicals have been removed the arteries get the time to recover which ultimately reduced the heart problems. Now, scientists are aware of the fact that antioxidants remove free radicals and doses of antioxidants are given in chelation therapy. This is one of the major reasons which make this therapy so effective curing many types of heart problems.

No matter what some people say, there’s simply no doubt the chelation therapy is an excellent treatment to fight with for cardiovascular diseases. So, visit an expert chelation therapy doctor, who can provide effective treatment in Sydney.

Some Facts & Importance Of Vitamin C In Our Body

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is easily available in vegetables and fruits. An h2O-soluble vitamin and potent antioxidant, it assists the human body form and retain connective tissue, such as bones, blood vessels, and skin.

  • Why Vitamin C Is Important, Exactly What Vitamin C Does And What Are Its Benefits?

Vitamin C assists your body to maintain and regenerate tissues, protection from heart problems, and helps in iron absorption, protects against scurvy, and reduces cholesterol level in the body. Experts suggest that vitamin C could assist by providing protection for a number of cancers by fighting free radicals, and assisting to neutralise the nitrites effects.

Recently, researches have concluded that some packaged foods might increase the risk of cancer to an extent. Intravenous vitamin C is an excellent option that can be used to lessen the length and signs or symptoms of common cold; protect against cataracts; and assists to obtain a healthy immune system.

  • What Are The Common Signs And Symptoms Of Vitamin C Deficiency?

Signs and symptoms of Vitamin C contain joint and muscle aches, muscle weakness, fatigue, bleeding gums, and leg rashes. Deficiency of vitamin C for a long time may cause scurvy which is a critical illness.

  • Can We Get Enough Vitamin C From Foods?

You can easily obtain Vitamin C with proper intake of foods, fruits (In particular citrus) and vegetables have a large amount of vitamin C. Some of the excellent sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, and limes), kiwi, tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, berries, asparagus, apples, watermelon, kale, spinach, grains, breads, cereal, peppers, especially red bell peppers.

  • Is There Any Risk Involved With Large Intake Of Vitamin C?

When received from food items sources and nutritional supplements within the recommended amount, vitamin C is normally viewed as safe & secure for human intake. Side effects are not often claimed, but if appear in some rare cases then these side effects might involve headache, vomiting, nausea, heartburn, and abdominal cramps.

For the majority of nutritious men and women, their body can only keep and utilise up to 250mg amount of vitamin C daily and any extra amount gets out the body through urine. Sometimes during sickness, recovery period, or under stress (which includes using tobacco), the human body can appreciate bigger amounts of Vitamin C.

  • How Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy Provides Benefits?

There’s a limit for every human to consume any beneficial element orally into their body. However, with help of Intravenous vitamin C, a person can be given a higher amount of vitamin C without any trouble. By now, you would have realised the importance of vitamin C in our body. So, with Intravenous vitamin C therapy in Sydney, you can get higher dosage of the much needed vitamin C directly into your body.

List for Signs & Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Here’s a list of signs and symptoms for Lyme disease and some of its co-infections. You’ll be surprised to see the long list of problems that are caused by Lyme disease. Visit a Lyme disease specialist in Sydney to get the best Lyme disease treatment in Australia.

Let’s take a look at the problems which might occur due to Lyme disease. The list is divided into signs and symptoms which appear on different body parts.

  • Problems Which Occur In Head, Face And Neck

Facial paralysis (Bell’s palsy), migraines, stiff neck, headaches, itchiness in cheek, nose or facial area, swollen glands, increased allergic sensitivities, sore throat, change in taste and smell, stiffness and pain in jaw, twitching of muscles.

  • Problems Which Occur In Digestive System

Vomiting, nausea, upset tummy, irritable bladder, anorexia, loss of appetite, weight loss or gain due to unknown reasons.

  • Problems Which Occur In Eye Or Vision

Oversensitivity towards light, red eyes, pain or swelling around eyes, vertigo, wandering eye, vision changes, spots in sight, double or blurry vision, and in some cases conjunctivitis also.

  • Problems Which Occur In Ears

Extreme Pain in ears, sound sensitivity, buzzing or ringing sound in ears, decreased hearing power.

  • Problems Which Occur In Musculoskeletal System

Muscle ache or cramps, pain, stiffness, or swelling in joints, muscle weakness, loss of reflexes, poor muscle coordination, loss of muscle tone.

  • Problems Which Occur In Respiratory Systems

Issues in breathing respiration, unexplained chills, night sweats, irregular heartbeat, and decreased tolerance to physical exercise, upper body pain or rib soreness.

  • Problems Which Occur In Psychiatric Systems

Depression, anxiety, agitation, irritability, mood swings, impulsiveness, malaise, aggressive behaviour, change in personality, Bipolar disorder or manic behaviour, suicidal thoughts, difficulty in falling or staying asleep, hallucinations, paranoia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, suspiciousness, feeling as if the patient is losing his/her mind or self control, schizophrenic-like condition, including hallucinations, overemotional reactions to situations and feel like crying even on small issues,  sleeping either too much or too little.

  • Problems Which Occur In Neurologic System

Seizures, stroke, burning sensation in feet, Meningitis, Encephalitis, weakness or paralysis of limbs, Difficulty in multitasking, slow processing speed, burning or stabbing sensations in the body, Encephalomyelitis, Increased motion sickness, problem in walking, dizziness, poor balance, light-headedness, problem in word finding, auditory problem in process, problem in organisation and planning, academic or vocational fall, shaking, pinpricks and numbness in body.

  • Problems Which Occur On Skin

Erethyma Migrans (bulls’ eye rash), eczema, odd odours, tumour-like nodules, high perspiration

  • Some Cognitive Signs And Symptoms

Distractibility, attention deficit issues, dementia, disorientation or feeling lost, difficulty in thinking and always confused, poor performance in school or office, short or long term memory loss, forgetfulness, finding it difficult to concentrate.

These are the major signs and symptoms of Lyme disease. Visit a Lyme disease specialist Sydney who can provide effective Lyme disease treatment in Australia.