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Month: September, 2015

Chelation Therapy – How Does It Works

You may have read about it and wondered that what’s chelation therapy? Chelation therapy is usually a chemical course of action in which an artificial solution-EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid)-is injected into the bloodstream of a patient to eliminate heavy metals and minerals from the human body.

Chelation implies to grab something.” When EDTA is injected in a patient’s veins, it catches heavy metals and minerals for example iron, calcium, aluminium, arsenic, copper, mercury and lead, and then eliminate them from the body. Other than as a cure for lead poisoning, Chelation therapy is a bit controversial topic among experts. You should also keep in mind that chelation therapy is always done on an outpatient basis.

  • What Exactly Is Chelation Therapy Utilised For?

Chelation is a really effective procedure to cure poisoning caused by heavy metal. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of majority of countries in the world have authorised prescription chelation therapy to be utilised as a treatment in cases of lead poisoning. The EDTA which has been injected combines with all the destructive metals and both of those are then removed from your body through a patient’s kidneys.

Many health industry experts have also utilised chelation therapy to take care of atherosclerosis and/or coronary artery illness, while you cannot find plenty of scientific proof to establish this treatment method is productive. Some people also believe that EDTA combines with deposits of the calcium (the A part of plaque which stops the stream of blood to the heart) while in the arteries, after which EDTA removes the deposits of the calcium within the arteries, minimizing the potential risk of coronary heart issues. Inconsistent results have been achieved from any researches. Remember, Chelation therapy should not be used as an alternative standard treatment for coronary artery disease.

Some health specialists also think that EDTA may perhaps behave as an antioxidant by getting rid of metals which incorporate with cholesterol that may be harmful for the heart arteries. The speculation is usually that any time you take away metals that move freely by arteries (which include copper or calcium); you could possibly slow down various illnesses for example atherosclerosis. Study has not yet proved whether this theory is right or wrong. Some specialists think that EDTA could get rid of calcium from muscles, bones, tissues, and from diseased arteries.

Lots of people report fewer discomfort from chronic inflammatory diseases for example arthritis and scleroderma just after undergoing chelation therapy. EDTA functions being an antioxidant, which guards the physique from inflammation and safeguards blood vessels. However, this point hasn’t been proved by scientific and medicals analysis yet.


Always Feel Tired? You Might Be Suffering From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

There are various issues and concerns related with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which should be addressed. There are proper criteria to determine if a person is suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or not. Getting the analysis/diagnosis can be tough for many people as the pointers for the diagnosing process are quite specific.

The fatigue should be present for at least consecutive six months along with the related signs which have developed following the exhaustion. A clear explanation of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, its indicators, and treatment choices will help patients receive a clearer idea of the syndrome.

  • What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

The fundamental explanation of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome isn’t going to make patients feel a lot better. Chronic fatigue does not have a clear definition and is figured out by fatigue, lethargy, weakness, tiredness, muscle pain, sleeping issues, and in some cases fever and swollen lymph nodes. There isn’t a clear reason behind the occurrence of the fatigue in a person who has simply no connection with high exertion or stress and the issue is not resolved even with rest.

  • Signs & Symptoms

Common signs and symptoms related to Chronic Fatigue have been discussed widely by expert doctors all over the world. However, there is an extremely long list of the symptoms. There are a number of indicators that sufferers have knowledge about and then there are many signs & indicators which can only be noticed by expert doctors. Regardless, when the signs are visible for a timeframe for no obvious reason and the cure seems to be futile then Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is diagnosed frequently.

Several of the recurrent signs & symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome include things like:

  • Intermittent Fatigue
  • Persistent Fatigue
  • Tiredness
  • Depression
  • Muscle Aches
  • Memory Loss
  • Achy Joints
  • Headache
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Weakness
  • Swollen Lymph nodes

Commonly Chronic Fatigue Syndrome starts with the times when people are already been ill, have too much stress, or for no obvious explanation at all. Many people have pointed out that after suffering from a cold, flu, hepatitis, bronchitis, along with other comparable diseases Chronic Fatigue occurs. Regrettably, Chronic Fatigue lasts for days, at times recurring and at other instances regularly impacting the patient. Other ailments start to clear up after some days, but Chronic Fatigue remains without any obvious reasons.

  • Diagnosing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It is quite difficult even for doctors to diagnose Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and this happens because this syndrome has signs & symptoms of many other diseases. This the reason the many doctors wait for six months since the symptoms of the syndrome has become visible, this is done to determine that it’s Chronic Fatigue and not anything else.

Top 7 Benefits of Vitamin C

The reality is that vitamin C should be an integral part of your diet program, if you have knowledge about its importance. It is a type of necessity which we all aware about, like the necessity of staying hydrated and drinking a lot of water. However, when you think about it for long, then you might find out that you don’t know much about Vitamin C and why it’s so important for your health.

There are several benefits offered by vitamin C. It is an all important nutrient since we don’t have the ability or potential to synthesize it. Vitamin C guards bones in your body, assists in developing your tissues and plays a crucial role in absorption process of iron in the body.

It is additionally an exceedingly powerful antioxidant. Experts say that you need to ensure you consume the required dose of vitamin C every day since it’s easily soluble in water and lacks the ability to store in the human body.

Generally called as Ascorbate or L-ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for you and your family. Here are 7 benefits offered by Vitamin C to your health and wellbeing:

  • Avoidance of Scurvy: Even though it has become an uncommon illness now, at a time, Scurvy was a true menace and extremely common amongst people who have to live for long periods of time on ships at sea. Once the production used to finish, people experienced Vitamin C deficiency which triggered Scurvy.

  • Solution for Cold & Flu: Vitamin c has an amazing power to boost immunity of the body, and this is a well-acknowledged benefit offered by this nutrient. Although it may not provide complete assistance in avoiding cold, but it may decrease the severity of disease shorten the length of the cold.

  • Antioxidant: Some experts say that antioxidant play a crucial role in checking the harmful chemical reactions that take place in our body. These harmful chemical reactions can inflict damage to your eyes and causes other problems also. Antioxidants work as neutralizer assisting you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Iron Absorption: It helps a lot in absorption of iron in the human body. So, you should combine foods which are rich in iron with food items which are filled with Vitamin C to reap the best benefits. Iron is converted by vitamins in state which proves to be extra easy for intestines to digest.

  • Collagen: It aids in the generation of collagen, which accurately keeps us in a good shape.

  • Mental Health and Fitness: Astonishingly, Vitamin C assists to make neurotransmitters which carry our feelings, ideas and thoughts in the nervous system.

  • Anti-depression: Vitamin C plays an important part in ensuring your wellbeing.

If you can’t take the required amount of Vitamin C then Intravenous vitamin C procedure can prove to be quite helpful. Intravenous vitamin C in Sydney will be given to you through a drip into a vein in your arm. Much higher doses of vitamin C can be given intravenously than by mouth, so getting quite high levels in the bloodstream.

7 Interesting Facts About Lyme Disease

A bacterium known as Borrelia burgdorferi is the reason behind Lyme disease in humans and a bite from infected ticks transfer the bacteria into a human body. Common indications of lime disease in Australia are headache, fever, stress, fatigue, tiredness and a skin condition or rash known as erythema migrans.

If neglected and not treated, Lyme disease can spread to joints, the nervous system and even to the heart. It is diagnosed through symptoms, physical examination (rash), and chance of exposure to ticks. If valid techniques are used the lab test results can also be helpful. It can be treated within a few weeks of proper medication under the guidance of a Lyme disease specialist in Sydney, Australia.

You can take precautions to avoid Lyme disease in Australia by using pesticides, insect repellent, limiting visit to areas where ticks are common and by removing the ticks from your body immediately. Ticks not only transmit Lyme disease, but other diseases as well. So, be careful and take necessary precautions in your surroundings.

Here are some facts about Lymes disease in Australia.

  • Lyme disease occurs because of a bacterium referred as Borrelia burgdorferi that’s transmitted to people if they’re bitten by an infected tick.
  • In order contaminate or infect an individual, a tick should be attached with his/her skin for more than 30 hours.
  • Majority of cases of Lyme disease in Australia appear in early summer or at the end of spring.
  • A common sign of Lyme disease is a pink (red), circular rash (in shape of a “bulls-eye”) with muscle and joint pain. More than 80% of folks who got infected with this disease get the rash. However, this rash might appear after many days or even weeks after the getting bitten by the infected tick.
  • Almost all the cases of Lyme disease in Australia are treated successfully with help of various types of antibiotics. However, antibiotics shouldn’t be used for a long time as it might reduce the success of results. Also, high and regular intake of antibiotics can be harmful and might develop extreme complications. These situations can be avoided easily by visiting an expert Lyme disease doctor in Sydney, Australia.
  • Physical examination, medical history and sometimes even a blood test is conducted to find Lyme disease in a person. Antibodies against Borrelia burgdorferi are made by human immune system in around 6 weeks and then blood tests show positive results. That is why even if a person develops the “bull eyes” rash still the results might show negative results while detecting Lyme disease in the body.
  • To stay away from Lyme disease you need to be careful while walking in the woods, stay away from big grass and bushes. Cover up completely while visiting such areas. Remove ticks from your body immediately, and take a bath when you return from camping or trekking.

Anti Ageing – 6 Tips to Slow Down The Ageing Process

You may have tried hundred of ways to reduce your weight. There are many tips that can help you in your weight loss and anti ageing efforts. Here are some amazing tips that can help you to achieve your goals.

  • Tip #1 – Show Willingness

You can’t achieve success, if you aren’t willing to achieve it. Many people make an effort to stop the ageing process because they think others feel they should do so. If you really want to get successful in your anti-ageing efforts then do it for yourself and not for someone else.

Make up your mind before going for a anti-ageing program, a strong mind will play a crucial role in achieving the desired results. Take out some time to think about how you want your anti-ageing journey to be. You can consult your doctor in Sydney, Australia to know more about the complete anti-ageing process.

  • Tip #2 – Set Up Goals

Once you are sure that you want it, start setting up your goals. You can write these goals and keep them in a place that is easily visible to you every day. Goals should be divided into small, big, weekly and monthly. This is an excellent way to keep an update about your performance. Ensure that the goals are realistic.

Also, when you talk about your excess weight that makes you look old then remember that you haven’t put on weight in just a day, so you aren’t going to lose it in a single day. Slow and steady is the best procedure advised by majority of doctors in Sydney, Australia. No matter how you decide to lose your weight, just remember to always aim for the goals.

  • Tip #3 – Make Effective Changes

After you finish making plans, it’s time to develop appropriate changes in your lifestyle to reach the goals. One of the best ways is to try making one or two changes every other week. When a new change becomes a habit, make another change.

  • Tip #4 – Keep Detailed Notes

An anti-ageing diary or journal is an excellent way to keep your mind fixed on your goals. The journal can have any type of content as it can keep a track of the foods and calorie intake, your exercise routines or both. Writing your thoughts and how you feel every day can help to identify certain emotional eating habits.

  • Tip #5 – Keep A Track Of The Development

Watching your progress can be amazingly motivational. You will have a visual aide showing your development, if you keep a track of your anti-ageing progress. Achieving the final goals can prove to be a bit difficult in any anti-ageing program, but the charts that keep a track can be quite helpful. These charts show results that you have achieved over a period of time. So, even if you fail to achieve the desired goal, any anti-ageing effort is good for you!

  • Expert Tip – Know More About Adrenal Fatigue

Majority of people don’t have much knowledge about adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue might work as a catalyst in the ageing process. It symptoms are reduced immunity, fatigue, lethargy, and low ability to cope with stress. Visit an expert doctor for adrenal fatigue treatment and to ensure that it doesn’t effects your ageing process.